G is for growth.

So it has been a few months since I have written anything. For that… I am thankful I suppose. Typically when I am hurting, is when I am moved to write something. That is when I try to reach out and relate, because I want to know people are feeling the same way, or perhaps people need to know we are feeling the same way as them. 


So I figured a wonderfully brief update is nice now and again also! 

So G is in kindergarten, and he is absolutely LOVING it! Seriously! All weekend long he is asking if tomorrow is Monday! He loves his teachers, his friends, his bus driver and his aide! Okay… so he loves everybody.   

And in regards to his academics… he can pretty much read. Yup. He can sound out the words… and get pretty darn close most of the time. I wish you could feel the way we feel when he talks… it’s the most amazing sound. The pride. The success. The deepest of exhales… 

The work and effort that he puts in, and the results he has produced, are nothing short of incredible. What a worker. What a kid…

He has swim lessons every week that he also has fallen in love with! What a little Phelps!


He has been going to soccer, bowling, and now basketball through MVP kids… and it has been a… ummm… learning experience! He doesn’t have too much fun (except for bowling), but we still think the change in environment is important for him, and with each change of season, he gets a little bit better at transitions.

He is ridiculously competitive. He wants to be 1st at everything. Doesn’t matter if that means dropping some elbow in his brothers face to get down the stairs first. Or in the truck. Or to the bathroom. Or finishing his hot dog. Or absolutely anything. Super dangerous sometimes, and we are working on making sure he understands the appropriate time and place for being competitive… we swear he didn’t get that from us 😉!



He laughs when he farts, and clearly states to us when he completes a ginormous poop. Honestly…. really honestly… I don’t know who taught him that. Honestly.

I will perhaps get a little sappy for a moment… 

My wife and I would like to thank everyone… and we do mean everyone that comes into contact with our sweet boy everyday. The kind words you give him. The gentle pats on the back. The beautiful cards/letters from classmates. The treats on the bus. Your private messages or phone calls reaching out to us, to tell us what your beautiful children said about our beautiful child…

You cannot even understand the impact that it has on our lives… 

Every parent wants their kid(s) to be loved, respected, treated fairly, and cared for (especially their first year of school). Well… we have received way more than that. Thank you so very much for your kindness… you deeply warm all of our hearts… it is just unbelievable. 

Sorry to sound dramatic… but honestly… it really is just friggin amazing!

So perhaps I leave it at that?

G is doing just great. He really is. He is a great role model for GM (his little brother)… and he constantly re-assures us that he will be doing something very special someday.  

So thanks for your time and your ❤️… what a wonderful few months it has been…

Until next time.

The Fleury’s.

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