I love you, the way I love you.


I think of you. I think of you ALL the time. Not more than your brother. And certainly not less. You are in my thoughts, and my heart, constantly.  Grant, you are my youngest of 2 sons, but I’ve known you just as long.

Already in this letter I seemed to have made a mistake. I compared my love for you, to my love for your brother. 

I love you, the way I love you. 

If I had that typical chance to save his life by giving my own, it would already be done. And if it were for you, well, it would also already be done. There is no difference in what I would do for you both. 

You are so beautiful. You are our Jerry Maguire quote. You. Complete. Us. You will help every single one of us (even Jet) become who we are supposed to be. 

The reason I am writing, is I fear that at some point you may feel like a shadow of your older brother. And even though that will help make you who you are going to be, I am afraid it has the potential to sting a bit along the way. 

Your brother, so far, has required some additional attention from your Mother and I. Someday, it may be your turn. We give to him, they same way we give to you. We are all in this together, and you already are exactly the brother, and Son to us both, that we all need. 

I love the way you love pickles. 

I love the way you so genuinely and softly say thank you when I give you a water and a car to sleep with at bed time. 

I love the way you smile, when you are doing something wrong (it is the only smile we have seen so far). 

I love the way you come to me every time our favorite song plays, asking for a dance. 

I love the way you bull rush your thick head towards grown men’s mid sections when they are not looking. 

I love you, the way I love you. I need you, the way I need you. I will do anything for you.  

You, no… I… I need to make sure you always know that. And funny thing is, some stupid blog like this won’t do a damn thing about it. I will. Your mother will. Your brother will. We will make sure you know just how much you mean to us, by loving you each and every day. 


Your loving Father

1 thought on “I love you, the way I love you.

  1. Ian and Erin, I can’t describe the emotions I felt reading this. We have experienced the same as you describe in this blog. Our boys are now almost 23 and 21…. and live together in an apartment independently. Although Kyle micromanages Tj at times, the love and bond they share is amazing and beautiful despite the chaotic childhood at times managing tantrums, crisis, hospitalizations, etc. I look back on those times and wonder how we got to where we are today and it wasn’t easy then, and we still manage things at times to the present day. Remember you are not alone and have support. You are amazing parents!!! Hugs!!!

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