I see you, seeing him.


A few months ago I wrote something that was very special to myself and my family. I introduced many around us to the fact that we were recently exposed to a life with high functioning ASD, with our oldest son Greyson James.   


I find myself thinking often about something I placed in the blog that, although it was and is the truth, it might need a little more attention from me.

The section I refer to is below:

“As I was on my way out of the house, I could hear Greyson crying, yelling, because he was so upset they were asking things of him. I felt as if he was a lab rat. He was being poked and prodded, and I didn’t know if it was right. I proceeded to observe it briefly.”

“I was torn between knowing what was right and wrong at this point, whether this process was necessary or not. I was so filled with hate towards them, and to be honest, I still am.”

You see Allison, as we move into our last week, our last day, and our last moments with you as Greyson’s teacher, our family has the need to tell you how we truly feel about you.
It hurts me to know that I put this out there, when I can honestly say to you that…

I see you, seeing him.  

We see you, seeing him.

I have been moved to clarify my feelings on this because there are so many therapists out there that deserve our love and thanks, and perhaps only get the emotions from their families, what I mentioned in my previous blog notes above.

My wife is deeply affected by this, by you. You give her comfort, strength, and hope. You are passionate about what you do, and what you do, is potentially one of the most significant roles in our young boy’s life.  

And Greyson, well he is what you are all about. You have been hand in hand with him since just before he turned 2. He will turn 4 next month, which means you have been there for more than half of his life!

You selflessly push him (and maybe us too) to always be the best version of himself.  
I have witnessed you share with us his successes with your eyes more wide open than ours (and that is HARD to do!). I have watched you handle him like he is your own, with so much patience, so much pride, and with soooooooo much love.  

What you do is not easy. And on most days, it probably goes without thanks. Today will NOT be one of those days.

2 years ago we gave ourselves to you, and in return, you gave yourself to him.  

And although we know that this process will continue year after year, well, you were our first, you were Greyson’s first, and we would have never wanted it any other way. You have helped to give him the tools he will need, to continue to be whoever he wants to be someday.

You will always be special to us, and we will always be thankful to you, for so deeply loving our sweet little boy.

Thank you for letting us see you, seeing him.

With love,

Ian, Erin, Greyson, Grant, and Jet.

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