10 things to share about my Son.


I would like to share some more about my son Greyson, at least in regards to who he is as a young child without trying to define him by his ASD. I find that as I try to search for similar situations that are relatable to our son (Just out of curiosity, I promise… I try my best not to compare!), I never seem to obtain a clear enough picture of who a similar 3 1/2 year old is on a day to day basis. So with that said, here are a few things that might give you an idea of who our wonderful son has already become!

1. Greyson James is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. He has always been so soft and sensitive.

2. His voice and his words are so pure, innocent, simple and truthful… it is like water pouring on your face after a week long walk in the dessert. I could listen to him talk all day (except for maybe a little less scripting of his favorite show, “The Mickey Mouse Club House”). Don’t even pretend you don’t have the theme song stuck in your head now too!

3. Greyson is very loving to his little brother Grant (except for when Grant tries to mess with his puzzles, or cars, or books, or… Oh never mind). Seriously though, he REALLY does love him, and shows it with affection all of the time.


4. Greyson loves to cuddle in the morning and at night, mostly with Mommy though.

(I’m trying my hardest to get some of that time, although I enjoy watching him give his love to her, just as much as I enjoy receiving it.)

5. He is amazing with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. He knew the entire alphabet at 13 months (he could not say a word, but he could hand us a letter correctly, every time we asked for one), and he could count to 50 by the time he was 2 1/2.

6. Greyson is also amazing with his sense of direction. He has known what road we are on, and typically where we are driving without a peep from us, since before he turned 1. If you take a random turn, be ready for him to let you know about it (unless you have prepared him thoroughly for the random destination). I’m not sure yet, but I think he counts telephone poles between destinations, and also expects a typical pace for the vehicle to be traveling at. If you go too slow… He will also be letting you know. Maybe he will want to be a race car driver, because we all know how much he LOVES Lightning McQueen!

7. He has a vast catalogued memory of shows, books, and movies all trapped up inside that beautiful mind. He can “read” his books, recite full episodes of his favorite shows, and talk in sync with his favorite movies (he seems to get most excited talking along with the previews, those really get him wound up).

8. Greyson L.O.V.E.S. Mimi and Pa (My in-laws).

The way those two have loved and supported him so absolutely unconditionally, is something I could only hope that we all had the chance to see. Better yet, the whole world would be a much better place if we all had a chance to FEEL that type of love. They are two of the biggest pillars in his ever growing foundation.

9. Greyson does not enjoy giving us the “cheese” face. Yeah right!

10. He is a perfectionist. Maybe because of this he tends to get a little frustrated when things are difficult (which is quite frequent), but I think more likely than not, this trait will help continue to push him to be whoever he wants to be someday!

So that is that!  Some insight into who Greyson James already is in just such a short time!

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