With Love, G-Booby.

Almost 16 years ago you strutted into my life.  There was an almost arrogant, pompous walk to you (I would know, because I had one too).  Forgive me, but you came off as a douche.  You were kicking your soccer ball around, with your white beaded necklace, and your beautifully styled hair.  You had this sly grin, and I won’t lie about this, it was pretty damn infectious (I was jealous).

It was move in day at the Clinton Community Dorms, their first year open!  Little did I know, that I would love who you were, and so would everyone else (almost everyone anyway)!

We immediately became friends.  Competitive nature made it that way.  You helped me flunk out of school, by letting me play as much pool, ping pong, and basketball as I could have ever dreamed.  So for that… I thank you.  Funny right?  But it is the truth.  

You helped guide my ENTIRE adult life.  Not JUST you, but yes YOU indeed, helping to give me everything that I have. You helped make me everything that I am.  EVERYTHING.  It is amazing to know that you played such a huge part in all of it.  And even more so, that you always will.  

I don’t even believe in God, yet I pray to him now, hoping that you can hear my words.  Please, you need to know that I love you.  

I am sure you must.  We never really had to say it I guess.  You knew, and  I knew it too.  

Just 2 days ago you shared McFaddens back flip video to Brunets Facebook page, and it is amazing how instantly I could be connected to you, and our history.  So many amazing memories.  

We worked together for almost 10 years.  Damn did we have a lot of fun.  The following, is probably proof that I should of had the college degree.  

One day at work we made a nice smooth ramp up the snow banks (about 15′ high).  Then, Brenno let me pull him behind my silver Honda Accord, on a flimsy snow tube, over the hill at over 30mph.  It took probably 12-15 tries to finally get it.  I will show you the video if you ask!  It was awesome!  He flew over the top and landed on boulders on the other side!  Kid had a stiff neck for months!!

One day he was laughing at me with our boss, and so I spit my gum at him from across the back room (20′ no lie), and it hit him right in the front teeth and stuck to them! No shit!  It was hilarious!

He let me sleep on the bay’s one time too.  Can’t thank him enough for that.  

I use to tell everyone at work that he was gay (nothing wrong with it, except that he wasn’t).  Yeah I know… I am a true professional.  Anyway… So I told a new girl Trish about him being gay,  and she decided she wanted a shopping friend.  But once she found out he wasn’t gay, they hit it off pretty quickly.  So I stopped doing it after that…. Booooo!

6 Elm St.  Straight up.  I tea bagged him.  But more fell out than was originally planned.  We had to move out of the apartment after that, as he kept having flashbacks.

Then there was 2 Stonegate Way.  Well… Not enough time to share it all.  Between the Vigel boner pills on Valentine’s Day (we did end up alone too), falling out of the 2nd story bathroom window backwards, the over the back neck flop with Brunet, my birthday surprise of a blow up doll with candles and music, and the countless hours playing Madden Football (I always traded Curtis Martin and Chad Pennington for Michael Vick every time we started a new season, so he basically called me a cheater.  He beat me anyway).

My bachelor party was a good one too.  This was a pretty exclusive group, as I am only close to a few people.  I was responsible for forgetting to load his suitcase (wallet, clothes, everything), and I think it was the worst trip of his life.  He had nothing to wear.  Was bothered borrowing money (as he would rather give), and another best friend Brunet, punched him in the face over poker.  Then Geoff hurt his hand by punching the wall, and the rest was history.  What a weekend.  

I will want to relive these moments with him forever.  And I can, because he was there for so many.  

Please keep in mind that nothing about  this letter is to try and give any impressions about how close we were, or were not.  It is to put hopefully a few wonderful words out there, about an even more wonderful person, that so many more people will never physically get to meet.  

So, if my letter can help more people meet him, or the people that did know him relate and feel better… Well… That is what this is about.  It is about love.  It is about happiness.  It is about sharing.  

Geoff was exactly that.  He shared.  He shared all of himself with people.  He would have given those he knew, everything he had.  And I am not kidding.  Literally, everything.

It was a great pleasure spending all of the time with you that I did while you were here.

However, it IS the greatest pleasure, that I get to take you, and these moments with me, for as long as I may live.

We are all beautiful energy, and you were some of the best.  Some day we will meet again.

Rest in peace my friend.

Thanks for everything my brother.  I will make sure that I live, and love more, for you.

With love,


2 thoughts on “With Love, G-Booby.

  1. Love this, I will forever have these memories in my mind when I see or think of you! (Some not so good to think about). Thanks for being his rock when he moved away from home because he was the kid that thought would move back after college but he didn’t. He loved his friends and new life much more, which I will admit hurt me. I felt I lost my rock but he was still only a phone call away. Now he is with the boys and I forever, everywhere we go! I love you and miss you more than I could ever express G-off. Thanks Ian for these graphic yet hilarious memories!

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    1. There were soo many! We will have them don’t we…


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