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I struggle with thank you’s (I think the correct way to write that is yous, but that looks weird!). Even more so, I really struggle with thank you’s to your face. I hope you know, by me doing things this way (letters on social media), that this isn’t a cheap ploy for “likes” on Facebook, or any of that garbage, sincerely. I just seem to connect more with the fact that I can thank you when I am moved to, not in any specific moment. I connect more with knowing that you can just read how I feel. Not worry about how I, am reading you. I connect with hoping that by thanking you this way, that I connect with you, because you are special to me, and you are even more special to my family.

I know we aren’t the only family that feels this way, but it feels like we are. I feel like my appreciation of you, and what you did for our son (if only for a year), is truly, sincerely not realized.

I would be PERFECTLY fine delivering a note to each of you specifically, conveying the same message of gratitude… but I fear that may provoke charges against me. Like stalker type charges. None of us need that (mostly me, as I am a small man whom likes to wear pastel colored shirts, so prison just wouldn’t work out). So surprisingly it comes off a little less creepy this way! (I hope!)

You (all of you) are friggin amazing (I like to use real swear words, but it freaks my wife out!). I’m not friggin kidding. I’m friggin not. Haha!!!

All of the text messages. All of the phone calls. All of the scheduled, and unplanned visits/meetings. All of the extra time and energy you gave to us, to him. Maybe you say, “It’s part of what we do”, or “part of who we are”. Well… That caring you do… That caring becomes part of who he is. Who he will be. You engrave yourselves and your love on his soul (you can call me crazy all you want, just don’t call the po po!).

The way you conduct yourselves, and the way these children are taught, is absolutely nothing short of spectacular. You get the letters and the numbers to them, sure. But to me, more than that… You taught them something that means more to me than anything in any curriculum:


I am serious. I honestly see and feel that. Deeply.

So today, I need to make sure you feel our thanks. You need to know, we know (we think anyway) how much heart you put into this.

It matters to me.
It matters to us.
It really matters to Greyson.
I know it does.

So without pushing much farther and over complicating my thoughts and emotions, as I still fear you might have 563-3411 on speed dial now (that is our local police station for those of you who do not know haha).

Thank you.

Thank you over, and over, and over again. Every.
One of you.

You helped embrace that “The world is a rainbow, that is filled with many colors”. Our son is his own.

We won’t forget your love, and your guidance, as you have helped to shape and mold our sweet little G-Man.

Time for you all to enjoy a glass of wine 😉!

Much love,
The Fleurys

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